Why The Hippocampus?

Our logo features a Hippocampus and we wanted to share why this special mythological creature is a part of our brand.

Hippocampus - also known as an actual “sea horse”. It is a mythological sea creature whose top half is that of a horse, and bottom half is a sea creature of similar resemblance to a dolphin or mermaid. They are the creatures that carried Poisiden’s chariot through the raging seas, also rode by other sea nymphs and sea gods. They are the protectors of the ocean, known for protecting sailors in times of need.

By disposition, Hippocampus made for a secretive creature who lived deep in Poseidon's raging seas but never a vicious one. They never fed on humans but on plants found at the bottom of the ocean. Also, they are portrayed as extremely loyal, graceful, and agile creatures. Protecting sailors and gods.

The hippocampus belongs to the limbic system and plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, and in spatial memory that enables navigation. Named after the hippocampus mythological creature for its similarity in shape, navigational properties, and long term memory storage.